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When it comes to bringing the combination of efficiency and productivity to a manufacturing process, there is nothing better than a conveyor system. It is a handling unit that ensures automation and time maximization while facilitating transportation of various materials, be it bulky or heavy ones.

This is what Airoll wants you to achieve in your production process. Often referred to as one of the big-name rollers and roller conveyor manufacturers in India, we offer the broadest range of material-handling systems as well as their parts for your facility.

Driven by the idea of boosting automation, Airoll opens the door to everyone willing to get the most out of their manufacturing. It is top-quality units produced by one of the most reputable conveyor rollers suppliers that will make sure your handling system will serve your facility for years.

Our products are made of highly durable materials so that you don’t need to worry about conveying heavy loads. They are designed according to the strictest industry standards and your requirements. With our rollers, you will be able to bring the internal logistics to the next level.

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Lineup that Impresses

Airoll puts a premium on providing you with conveying units as well as their parts, and this allows us to stand out from other roller conveyor manufacturers.
Depending on the type of a handling system and material intended to be transported, it’s up to you to choose from:

Gravity conveyors

These systems are designed to move materials without the motor power. They are ideal for transporting lightweight items using the natural force of gravity and incline. Thus, conveyors of this type are considered to be the most cost-effective options.

Flexible conveyors

If the easiness of use and ability to modify the carrying system are of importance to you, it’s recommended to buy a roller conveyor of this type. Install it at your facility, and you will be able to reshape the unit every time you need.

Spiral conveyors

When it comes to maximizing floor space, the benefits of the spiral system cannot be overestimated. It allows for moving items collected from vertical levels.

Live pallet roller tracks

As one of the largest roller conveyors suppliers, Airoll also introduces an optimal solution for pallet transportation. Such tracks are highly advantageous for moving bulky items in flow storage systems.

Dynamic storage conveyor beds

Designed to ensure smooth transportation, conveyor beds support your handling system adequately. They are perfect for conveying objects of different sizes, from small packages to cumbersome items.

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At Airoll, you can also buy conveyor rollers that will improve the performance of your handling system. Our parts are made of robust bearings, shafts, and tubes so that you can be sure of their durability.

They differ in load, speed, and temperature specifications, allowing you to pick the excellent accessory for various applications. Thus, our catalog includes conical rollers as well as ones for gravity and chain driven conveyors.

Industries We Serve

Conveyors bring enormous benefits for a myriad of sectors. Apart from manufacturing and logistics, they are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, automotive, retail, warehousing, and distribution industries.

  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution

With Airoll, you will be able to enhance your productivity dramatically. Opt for the products from one of the best conveyor rollers manufacturers in India and let the automation work for you!

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