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Buy a Roller Conveyor for Your Needs

For those who are willing to get the most out of their manufacturing, packaging or assembling, the next-generation material-handling system is a must. With this in mind, Airoll comes up with an extensive range of roller conveyors for sale. While providing controlled movement of items and unrestricted access to them, this go-to equipment allows for easier and faster processing.

Its main aim is to dramatically reduce manual handling by making things as automated as possible. This is what you will get with the mechanical systems from Airoll, the big-name roller conveyor manufacturer in India.


Our Handling Solutions

Depending on the items intended to be conveyed and the area of application, your facility may need different material-handling units. Aimed at meeting all your requirements, Airoll offers the most practical options of roller conveyors in India for horizontal as well as vertical conveying. Thus, our range includes:

Gravity Roller Conveyors

They are non-powered handling systems that use gravity as a means of moving objects. Due to this feature, they prove to be extremely advantageous when dealing with small items with flat bottom parts

Flexible Roller Conveyors

Mechanical units of this type are perfect for such applications as cargo loading, shipping, and packaging. They are portable systems allowing you to roll and curve their sections for better throughput under particular conditions.

Spiral Roller Conveyors

While showing other roller conveyors suppliers the way to follow, Airoll also offers the equipment for vertical conveying. With our spiral system, you will be able to handle bags, totes, trays, bottles, containers, and many other items in a top-down direction.

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All our conveyors are made of high-grade materials and feature extra protection against adverse impacts. Browse our catalog to get more details on the benefits and specifications of our roller conveyors in PDF format.

It is our handling solutions that will open up a myriad of new opportunities for warehousing, distribution, logistics, food processing, bottling, retailing, and manufacturing.

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