Conical Rollers

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Series 100 Chain Driven Conveyor Rollers

  • Bearing Type: Deep Groove Ball Bearing Permanently sealed in Polymer Bearing Housing.
  • Features: Protection from – Dust, Spill Oil, Water & Liquids, Smooth Running, Easy Installation.
  • Application: Intra Logistics, Light Weight Products, Package Goods, Warehousing, Cartons.
  • Max Load Bearing: 65 kgs.
  • Max. Conveyor Speed: 1.8 m/s
  • Temperature Range: -5° To 45° C

Conical Rollers for Your Conveying System

When it comes to saving space and boosting convenience at your facility, conveyor systems with curves are the handling equipment of your choice. They allow for more flexibility when conveying small totes, prefabricated boxes, and other lightweight objects. Owing to the conical rollers, all materials move in the direction you need even if there are some twists. With this feature in mind, such systems are widely used for packaging, sorting, baggage handling and assembling purposes.

Smooth and continuous movement of items from one conical conveyor roller to another enables you to maximize handling time in case of inclines and turns. Thanks to the tapered design of Airoll parts, you will also be able to fit various sprocket heads and bearing cartridges. Apart from the improved flexibility, we make sure our conveyor components will serve you for a long time because we use only high-quality materials.

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Advantages of Conical Conveyor Rollers


If you want to modify your handling system with parts that ensure adequate operation in wide temperature ranges, it’s time to opt for conical conveyor rollers from Airoll. Whether it’s for driven or non-driven curves, these products are known for reducing noise and withstanding liquid spillage. Besides, you won’t face any issues when installing or replacing rollers of this type due to their tapered structure.

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